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Our Work To Own Philosophy

At OnPoint Security, we believe that our customers are most secure when our security guards our invested in the success of their business and ours. That is why we have chosen an employee-owned cooperative for our business. OnPoint invests heavily in workforce training and internal promotion to ensure the best workplace for our employees and the best outcomes for our clients. Every employee who works for OnPoint for more than six months, passes our rigorous employee evaluation process, undergoes additional training, and makes a financial investment, is eligible to become a part owner of OnPoint and share in the profits and governance of our company.


Through this structure we:

  • Ensure the satisfaction of our customers through the engagement of our employees in their and our success.

  • Build a better workplace for our employees, lowering turnover and increasing the quality of our service

  • Offer above industry-standard wages, securing the best guards in the business. 

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